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In the Saddle

Rylee Gailey is a 21-year-old rider that has successfully competed through the 2*/Intermediate level of Eventing. Rylee began riding at the age of 4 and now has over 17 years of experience. Originally from a small town in Georgia, Rylee now owns and operates an equine facility in the heart of the horse capital of the world.


Rylee is currently focusing on her main boys, Dukes Up and Don Diego. Duke is Rylee's upper-level partner that she brought back from a suspensory injury in 2018. After 2 very long years of rehab, Duke and Rylee have earned the nickname "comeback kids" after successfully being brought back to the highest levels of eventing. Don Diego is her most recent established partnership and they are currently working on moving up the levels. More information can be found about these two horses on the "Our Horses" tab.

Rylee has trained under the guidance of top eventing and dressage riders, including well-known Olympians. Rylee would not be where she is without her amazing dressage trainer, Barend Heilbron, and her eventing coach, Jonathan Holling. They are both patient and methodical with their teaching which is important to her in a trainer.

Riding Accomplishments:

  • Placed 5th team and 10th individual at '21 Intercollegiate Championships at Intermediate level

  • Top 20 at first FEI level event ending on dressage score

  • USEA Gold medalist at Preliminary

  • 6x champion at Preliminary level

  • Pony Club C1 Graduate

  • USEF High School Equestrian Athlete Letterman x4

  • Top placing Area 3 Young Rider

  • Top Intercollegiate Rider

In the Classroom

Rylee spends just as much time pursuing her degree as she does in the saddle, and she is looking forward to the next few years of her career. Rylee is currently in the last year of her undergrad at the University of Florida where she is working on a Bachelor's degree in Animal Biology with an emphasis in Equine. After earning her degree she plans on continuing her education earning her Doctorate in Veterinarian Medicine.

Rylee's passion for veterinarian medicine shined through after she spent a diligent 2+ years rehabbing Dukes Up after his suspensory injury. Spending more time in the industry and reaping the reward showed her that is where her passion and heart are. Rylee eventually has aspirations to focus solely on equine reproduction, but for now, has fun breeding top-quality connemaras here at Peachstone Farm.

Academic Accomplishments:

  • Golden Key Student (Top 15% in her UF class)

  • Dean's List

rylee socials:

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